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Everything You Need to Know About Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Fiber Optic Patch Cables

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Fiber optic patch cables are actually patch cords that capped on both sides of the cables. They are used as connectors between the source and receiver. The patch cords are capped at each end to protect the data and ensure smooth transmission.

A wide variety of patch cables is available in developed markets like that of theUnited Arab Emirates. However, fiber optic patch cables are the best. The importance of patch cables cannot be denied as they are the main source of smooth connection between the computing device and signal source.

Common Uses of Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Fiber optic patch cables are mostly used in indoor settings, as a connector is required to transfer the signal from source to the receiver. Below mentioned are the common uses of fiber optic patch cables:

  • Server rooms
  • Data centers
  • Medical imaging
  • Mechanical engineering
  • LAN applications
  • Cable TV networks
  • Telephone lines

Types of Fiber Optic Patch cables

Here are some of the most common types of fiber optic patch cables, which can be used according to their requirement needs. Identify your needs and choose the best type to ensure maximum support and better data transmission.

  • Armored fiber patch cord
  • Bend insensitive fiber patch cord
  • Mode conditioning fiber patch cord
  • Low insertion loss fiber patch cable
  • Uniboot fiber patch cord
  • Switchable fiber patch cord

Keep exploring this article to learn everything you need to know about fiber optic patch cables.

Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Top 6 Tips to Choose the Perfect Fiber Optic Patch

Just like the wide variety of patch cables, there is variety in fiber optic patch cables as well. Fiber optics are used in a vast range of industries and sectors in indoor and outdoor settings. Although fiber optic patch cables are suitable for an indoor setting, there are different types of this application. Therefore, choosing the perfect patch cable becomes a hassle at times.

Here are some important tips that can help you choose the perfect fiber optic patch cables.

  • Check the Right Connector Type

The first point that needs your attention while choosing the right fiber optic patch cable is checking the right connector type. The patch cables usually come with connectors on both ends, so you need to be careful if you require the same or opposite pairing.

It often confuses most of the users while impactingtheir network quality. So, people often employ fiber optic UAE-based companies to resolve this issue and fix theirconnectors so they can enjoy a perfect and smooth connection.

  • Consider the Mode Type

Just like fiber optic cable, the patches are also available on two-mode types that are

  • Single-mode patch cable
  • Multimode patch cable

The single-mode patch cable is ideal for long distances, as they can transfer data smoothly in such settings. On the other hand, multimode fiber optic patch cable is suitable for short distances. So, check your need before opting for the mode type.

  • Check your Needs

Checking your specific needs at any given step is crucial in choosing the right type of fiber optic patch cable. If you only need a single receiver or transmit line between the devices, then the simplex cable is the best option, which has a single strand of glass. On the other hand, if you need two patch cables for common transceivers, then the duplex cable is your go-to solution, which comes with two strands of glass.

  • Pick the Right Cable Length

The length of the fiber optic patch cables matters significantly in any type of usage. You need to pick the right cable length to enjoy a smooth and hassle-free connection. If you go for a longer length, you will have to suffer from its adjustment. In the case of shorter length, you will have to add more connectors, which might negatively impact the signal quality.

  • Review Connector Polish Type

Reviewing the connector polish type is another important part of the process, which you essentially need to follow in order to get a perfect connection. APC and UPC are the most commonly available connectors. APC is favorable for a passive optical network, while UPC is suitable for lesser sensitive digital systems. If all the technical description confuses you, do not decide on your own. You can hire the service of fiber optic UAE based companies and ensure to get installation with all the perfect connectors and patch cords.

  • Pick the Right Cable Jacket Type

Lastly, the important thing you need to decide to make your patch cable choice perfect is the right type of cable jacket.Low smoke zero halogens, polyvinyl chloride, and optical fiber nonconductive plenum are the common types of jackets. They are ideal floor plans, horizontal and vertical, according to the check the specifics before opting for the right type.

Turn to professional instead of suffering on your own!

The variety and number of choices at each step of patch cables are enough to confuse any users. If you only decide to keep the price in mind, you are up to face a huge loss. So, consult the professionals and decide wisely to make the most of your investment.

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